Problems With Mental Confidence?

Mental Confidence

Life is full of wonderful events. Some events lead you to heaven, others lead you to hell. If most of your time you encounter the events that bring you up high to the heaven, you will attain a boost of mental confidence. Bear in mind that our path of life will not be smooth all the time. Peak and trough, especially in our economy system will guide us to a life with ups and downs. Once you fall in a particular area in your life, treat it as a lesson in a positive way. On the other hand, as a negative perspective, you can judge it as a failure of achieving your goal. So, lesson and failure, which one are you going to choose?

Your mental, basically, is your central processing unit of your body, mind and soul. The ability to master the positive thought is easier in saying than done. When you encounter a friend who is in dilemma that leads to his/her unhappiness, as a close friend, you will provide some advice to sooth their anxiety. Well, what will happen if the situation turns out to be on you? Will you have the ability to perform self-positive thought of controlling your anxiety? Will you be able to visualize your own positive self-talk to overcome your dilemma? The feeling will be entirely different. At that point of time you might not be able to perform a correct decision. If you choose a wrong decision and the consequences are undesirable, again your self-confidence will be weaken. This is perhaps a vicious cycle that must be avoided in life.

Hence, the mental confidence plays a vital role in our daily activities. If you are parents, positive mental confidence should be instilled to your kids. A mistake being performed should ALWAYS be regarded as VALUABLE lesson to learn for your kids. With such culture being inculcated at such a young age, the lessons being learned will be accumulated and grow into an enormous experience. As such, they will be able to handle life challenges in a positive manner when the time they have grown up. Well, how about if you are already an adult whom you do not have such culture back at home when you were young? It is never too late to embrace such a culture now. Whenever a challenge is encountered in your life, EMBRACE it with open mind. ACCEPT it with open arm as you will find it easier to sail through as compare to the resistance you impose on it.

Today if you have read up to this line, I strongly believe you have enough interest and burning desire to keep looking for materials in terms of boosting your mental confidence. Trust your own self that you are your master of your own destiny. You are your own pilot navigating the route of your life. If there is anyone up till today having doubt about your ability, you should have doubted about their thought.

By Logan Salida