Why Bother with Growing Your Confidence?

We all intuitively know that confidence is important. Most of us know that if you always struggle with confidence then something is wrong. Either you are suffering from low self-esteem or you are working or living in the wrong place. It just doesn’t match. However, did you know that if you have never previously struggled with confidence in the past, then obviously something is not right too? If you have not struggled with confidence, then you obviously are not pushing yourself hard enough. You are not stretching yourself to the maximum of your abilities. In short, the only way to never struggle with confidence is to take the safe path. A path that is known. By doing this, you are going to lose great opportunities.

Business and Confidence

Businesses should care about the confidence of their workers. It is obvious when viewing a sporting event that the player or team that can tap into a higher level of confidence can dominate and turn the game around. Conversely, a player or team that receives a blow to their confidence can spiral down into an embarrassing defeat. The same is true for a corporation. A corporation with truly confident workers creates and takes appropriate risks. Corporations filled with lower-confidence individuals have an environment where people tend to play it safe, cover their behinds, and miss opportunity. This is especially true in times of transition. Fear is triggered by ambiguity and unless the corporation attends to the confidence of the workers, paralysis will occur.

Also, confidence plays a huge role in sales. People in sales have to be incredibly tenacious and persistent. An average level of confidence is a guarantee of mediocrity for the salesperson. People in sales need unusually powerful confidence to succeed and be happy.

In addition, corporations should care if their managers know how to inspire confidence in others. Corporations would do well in investing in their managers’ abilities to build confident employees.

Confidence in Personal Relationships

Even in personal relationships confidence plays an important role. The higher your confidence, the more you can allow mistakes and imperfections in your significant other. Confident people can communicate more patiently and do not panic when a friend or loved one has a different opinion. On the other hand, lower confidence can be devastating. If you have ever been in a relationship with someone with low confidence then you know that feeling of having to “walk on eggshells” and watch every word so you don’t trigger the person’s insecurities or fears. “You don’t respect me,” might be the criticism, when the bigger truth is that the person does not respect him or herself

Still not convinced that building your confidence is crucial? Just take the research on optimistic vs. pessimistic people. Famous researcher and author Martin Seligman defines these terms as follows:

  • Pessimistic people believe that bad events will last a long time; optimistic people see these as temporary challenges
  • Pessimistic people believe that negative events will undermine everything they do; optimistic people believe they can overcome them
  • Pessimistic people believe it is their fault when they fail; optimistic people believe that defeat is due to other circumstances and remain determined to succeed

Who do you think does better in life? The research shows that there is no comparison. The optimistic or confident person succeeds over the pessimistic or low confidence individual in sports, business, relationships, and even in physical health and happiness.